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Full Straight Razor Restoration

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Original price $150.00
Current price $100.00

This is the perfect service for a vintage blade in need of care.  The ideal blade will have no crack's for this service. 

Send us your blade for full professional blade restoration.

Due to safety concerns, your razor MUST be cleaned before sending it to our professionals for sharpening/restoration.  If we receive the razor and there is: Soap, Hair, Blood etc. on the razor.  Your order will be refunded, and the razor sent back.  In case of refund due to a dirty blade, the customer is liable for the return shipping.

We will, Strip, Grind, Buff, Polish, Set the Bevel, Hand Hone and Strop your vintage blade from start to finish for $75.00.

We have finished thousands of blades and have years of combined professional experience with straight razor restoration and care.

You will need to ship your CLEANED and STERILE razor to us here with a copy of your Order #.

The Grim Blades
Restoration Service
130 McGhee Rd. Suite 100
Sandpoint, ID. 83864