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Free Grim Knife Sharpening Service


 **** Please note: This service is just for knifes purchased directly from our site. You will be required to provide your Order #. 

100% Hand Honed - No Machine Grinding

Please read the entirety of the information below! Instructions for the service are included!

(Shipping from Home) Ships to Our Sharpening Service

Whether hand-honing your knife it is an art you have not yet mastered or a chore you prefer not to do, we will do it for you. We do our very finest work with your understanding and patience. We will hone your knife and restore its cutting sharp edge using the same time-honored and proven Hand-Honing, Lapping, and Stropping Techniques employed by professional barbers for over 400 years. 

Your knife(s) will be in the repair shop for 1-4 business days. After sharpening we will return your knife(s) directly to you by mail. (Please understand that shipping time to and from the sharpening service is not included in this time estimate.) We highly recommend choosing a shipping method with tracking information available (and insurance) when shipping your knife to us. Shipping to us is not included in the cost of this sharpening service.

If your knife will require any additional time for honing, we will contact you regarding additional charges. This would only be the case if the knife was damaged (chipped edge, bad rust & etc.)

If you have ordered other items such as soaps and creams, all items will be shipped with your honed razor once the razor has been received and the honing service has been completed. If you would like to receive the other products ordered ahead of your razor, please contact us to arrange for additional shipping charges.


Order each knife sharpening from this listing by clicking on the "Add To Cart" button above.

The shipping you select and pay for at checkout will be the choice of return shipping that we use to return your razor(s) to you once we have finished sharpening.

When packing your knife, please do not wrap anything around the blade! The safest method is to wrap the whole knife in bubble wrap and place in a small padded envelope or small flat rate box.

Print a copy of your order verification email and send the printed-out page along with your knife(s) to:

The Blades Grim
Free Sharpening
130 McGhee Rd. Suite 100
Sandpoint, ID.