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Grim Blades Fork Point

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Grim Blades Fork Point

The worlds first OTF FORK! LIMITED EDITION. The Grim Fork Point starts from a high-grade metal handle and features a SS Fork.

Grim Fork Point Features: 

  • Pocket Clip
  • Glass Breaker 
  • Just Over 9 Ounces
  • 5.75 Inch high-grade aluminum alloy handle

Want a Blade Options (See Links Below):

Buy The 308 & 223 Set & Save +Free Shipping & Free Sheaths found here...
The Smaller Grim 223 can be found here...

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Our blades are an incredibly versatile tool that are incredibly popular today. Offering an excellent cutting surface and the ability to provide a fast, smooth and precise cutting experience, these blades are growing in popularity with DIYers and professionals alike.

These Grim Blades are made from high-grade steel and feature a unique taper design that gives them an edge over standard blades when it comes to precision. This means they are able to make precision cuts with minimal effort and produce an even and consistent cut each time. These blades are incredibly versatile and can be used for a range of tasks such as slicing, carving and much more. They are also great for those smaller jobs such as cutting through rope, fabric, insulation and cardboard.

They are also extremely safe to use making them great for those with limited experience of knife usage. These blades feature a safety mechanism built into the handle meaning you can ensure your DIY session goes off without a hitch. In terms of maintenance and storage, Our blades are easy to clean and store. Unlike many traditional blades, they do not require as much maintenance. For example, oils and lubricants are not always required for these blades, making it easier to keep them in great condition.

Overall, our blades offer an incredibly versatile tool that is incredibly popular today due to their excellent cutting performance, precision and ease of use. We import these blades from China and then quality test each one. Sharpen each one and once through the Grim customization and quality assurance we provide each blade with a lifetime warranty! Not to mention, they are incredibly safe to use and maintain meaning they are great for all ages and levels of experience!

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