Meet The Makers

Luke  Luke Webster  

The mastermind behind The Blades Grim.
Luke enjoys working, creating, and not taking himself or life too seriously.

“Relax sit back and enjoy the timeless art of shaving like a man.” -Luke




  DaveDave Hammack

The mastermind behind images, curves and angles.
Dave enjoys working, creating, and not taking Luke, Norman, Brandon or life across the bridge too seriously.

“You would not use a badger toilet brush, so why use one on your face?” -Dave




  Brandon the fricking monkeyBrandon Johnson

The mastermind behind The Grim Edge.
Brandon enjoys MMA (rolling around with dudes), kids, life, and not answering his cell phone.

“I am good at dealing with people! Can’t you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?” -Brandon




  NormanNorman Triplett

The mastermind behind The Bevel’s Grim.
Norman enjoys working, creating, and not taking anyone seriously.

“Can I get my check early? Ohh yea, can I also get next week’s check?” -Norman




  Luke WebsterBrandy Roy

The mastermind behind fulfillment.
Brandy enjoys hard work and making sure your blades arrive safe, sharp and well cared for.

“Can you please stop using the phrase ‘that’s what she said?'” – Brandy




  Luke WebsterElijah Brownell

The mastermind behind The Hooks Grim.
Eli enjoys taking crap from everyone at work and secretly plotting to burn the place down.

“I will show you Moby Dick!” – Elijah




  Luke WebsterJoey Capelli

The mastermind behind The Edge Grim.
Joey enjoys laughing and living life to the fullest even if it means going to sleep at 7pm!

“Those are not meatballs and that is no Italian sausage!” – Joey




  Luke WebsterD.J. Maloney

The mastermind behind The Grind and Etching Grim.
D.J. enjoys making some of the finest straight razors on earth, Reformed Theology and being an all around great guy!

“Lasers, they aren’t just for AR’s anymore!” – D.J.




  Luke WebsterDave Fisher

The mastermind behind The Inventory, Edge, Fulfillment & etc… Grim.
Dave enjoys laughing and joking with the crew and keeping us on point with materials and orders!

“Violence can solve all kinds of problems…” – Dave



…In short, we hand make the finest blades from the finest materials to the finest standards and have fun doing it.