Body Wash Smolder

The Blades Grim – Body Wash

Body Wash – Scent: Smolder

8.45 oz

The Blades Grim is continuously working on their product line, and we’re happy to announce that the guys in the Grim Lab have successfully developed another product. Smolder Body Wash, this is all you really need. A lot of us men only have one thing in the shower, and that’s a body wash. Now, you can use Smolder Body Wash for your cleaning needs, and keep some consistency with your shaving or beard care products.

The scent is our much loved Smolder. It is best described as a warm and toasty accord of creamy camphorous notes, subtle hints of citrus and a masculine gourmand base.

The Ingredients for The Blades Grim Body Wash:
Purified water
Aloe Vera gel
argan oil
avocado oil
coconut oil
citric acid
ammonium lauryl sulfate
ammonium laureth sulfate
lauramide DEA
lauryl glucoside
ammonium xylene sulfonate
propylene glycol
diazolidinyl urea
sodium chloride
fragrance: Smolder

This product can be found at these fine retailers and many more.

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